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Meet Our Girl Karen… 

Have you ever thought about the people behind the scenes of your special day? 

Here at I Do Events we are a small team of experts who love what we do and love where we live. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some fun facts about our fabulous team. 

When did you move to the Whitsundays & why?

I relocated to the Whitsundays 6 years ago from Brisbane for my husbands work.  Since moving to the tropical north, we have had two beautiful children and were married on Hamilton Island.  After the experience of our wedding I really wanted to work in the wedding industry.

What do you enjoy the most about living in the Whitsundays?

Living in a small community is such a lovely change coming  from a big city. Everyone is really friendly and caring.  Everywhere you go are bound to see a familiar face. Raising a young family I feel at total peace knowing support and friends are near.

Having two sets of traffic lights is bliss! Everything you need is a short drive from A to B however you do get very complacent living here. It’s not until you visit another town you realise just how lucky we really are!

How long have you worked for I Do Events as a Wedding & Event stylist? 

I started working for I Do Events in 2014 and took some time in between to have my second child.

I love being a mother but I also love to work so I couldn’t wait to come back! I really enjoy styling events around the Whitsundays. Every wedding is different and I am always excited to see what styling our clients have chosen.

Can you tell us about your role and what are some of your responsibilities ?  

I maintain and manage the inventory and stock room. Everything we use for an event needs to be packed, cleaned, pressed etc. I also need to unpack everything to make sure everything is returned the way it was sent out.  I also style the Weddings prominently on Hamilton Island, which is why my role is so important. Working on island locations makes it a little stressful if an item is accidentally missed.

Image @Brookmilesphotography

What do you love most about working in Weddings?

Knowing the joy that our hard work brings to our clients! Seeing all the elements come together on the day is the most rewarding thing about what we do.

What’s the most popular wedding trend or style at the moment? 

Tower Cubes and Pillar candles! Nearly every wedding I pack at the moment is pillar candles and cylinder vases. This style works so well at most venues and with any floral or colour.

Gold and White Styling Collection

Any styling tips or advice you can share with us? 

Trust your stylist! Especially with a destination wedding as they know the venues better than you do. Give as much information about your vision as possible so you are both on the same page.




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Ceremony Music 

Music is used every day to make people laugh, cry, smile, to create a scene, build suspense, to heighten an experience… the music you play on your wedding day is no different. Your soundtrack will set the tone for your day, enhance your guest’s emotions and ensure that everyone has a good time!
The right playlist will help make you feel amazing and help you remember all aspects of your day for years to come.
Follow this guide to help you create a playlist perfect for your wedding Ceremony!

The prelude is played right from the beginning of the day. Your guests will be arriving, finding their seats, greeting one another, there will likely be some chatter and general moving around too. This is a great opportunity to entertain your guests, set the tone for the day, and really show people what kind of a couple you are! The prelude can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on how many guests you have and when they arrive.

Hamilton Island Weddings


This is the moment when the bridal party, flower girls, page boys and finally the Bride/Groom make their way down the aisle. The moment that all your guests have been waiting for. The big reveal! Your choice of song here entirely depends on your personal music taste as a couple – it’s simple. What makes you both happy? What song do you want to help you remember that first moment you shared on your wedding day? Some Brides/Grooms prefer a different processional song to their bridal party, this can give even more build up to the jaw dropping, seeing each other for the first time, moment.

Hamilton Island Weddings

Signing of the Registry

Once the vows have been exchanged, then comes the signing of the registry. This can take between 5-10 minutes, so it is another great opportunity to play your guests some more songs whilst you’re busy. Like the prelude, this should be something that won’t distract too much from impending recessional.

Sweet Studio Photography


You are now officially married and how else better to celebrate than marching back up the aisle to one of your favourite upbeat tunes! This is an opportunity to kick it up a notch, pump up the excitement and bring some energy to the rest of your guests who are all eager to begin celebrating with you. Remember to pick a song that you both love and makes you feel great as this will in turn make everyone else feel great!

Hamilton Island Weddings

Our Favourite Ceremony Tracks  


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If you haven’t considered having an Easter Wedding before, you will now..

1. Your colour theme can be as vibrant and fun as you like.

2. Easter weddings mean for outdoor celebrations – queue gorgeous gardens and beautiful fields.

3. Your day can consist entirely of eating chocolate.

4. Eggs make for egg-cellent wedding favours.

5. It’s a long weekend meaning 4 whole day to celebrate!

6. Pastels. Pastels. Pastels.

7. The most memorable Easter themed table décor.

8. Of course, any excuse to have an Easter themed wedding cake!

9. The most beautiful springtime bouquets.

10. Finally, you can rest assured knowing you will have the cutest wedding photos going.

All photos sourced from Pinterest



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Airlie Beach 

The boutique town of 30 000 people on the Queensland Coast and one of many departure points to The Great Barrier Reef.

Where?? It surprises me how many people have never heard of Airlie Beach.


Airlie Beach is a Tourist Town, some would argue it’s a drinking town with a sailing problem. Located 110km north of Mackay this beach side town attracts 1000’s of visitors every year. Known for its relaxed lifestyle and party like atmosphere this is the perfect location for your Destination Wedding.

Airlie Beach accommodates for the bare foot beach brides to the extravagant resort Weddings and every thing in-between. Sounds amazing? We like to think so, if we can offer any advise before you start booking flights, check out our tips on Whitsunday Destination Weddings.

Heart Reef

Research your destination & Climate 

This is one of the most critical decisions you will make- The Wedding Date! If you’re the type of person who can’t stand a bead of sweat on your face then the Whitsunday’s is probably not the location for you. Typically wedding season in the Whitsundays is September-December expect temperatures to be in the high 30’s and the humidity to start at 60%.

The best kept secret we can share with you is…. consider  getting  married in Winter! June-August would be our recommendation for the best time to get married in the Whitsundays. Mornings are fresh and Sunsets are amazing, rest assure your make up will stay put for the duration of your wedding.  It’s also amazing boating weather, imagine siting on the deck of a charter boat relaxing and sipping a glass of wine.  While your friends back home are freezing and dreaming about the tropics. You may even be lucky enough to see a whale, out on the water. The Whitsundays is a feeding and playing ground for the majestic humpback whales during their winter migration.

The water temperature might be a little nippy and take your breathe away at first, but it’s lovely once you’re in. For anyone from Melbourne the water temperature will not bother you in the slightest.

Hump Back Whale

Be happy with Plan B

With 80% of venue’s being out side we strongly suggest to have a Plan B for your Ceremony & Reception.

It’s one thing to have a Plan B but you need to love your Plan B as much as your Plan A. I know when you start planning your Whitehaven Beach Wedding that’s all you have dreamed about for 8 months. And when the big day is finally here and the weather gods have turned your perfectly planned day upside down you need to be prepared.

It’s your Wedding Day and it should be the happiest day of your life. Unfortunately no one can control the weather and it’s one of those things you just need to roll with.  Speak with your venue or wedding coordinator about the contingency plan and love it! This will not only be peace of mind, it will give your suppliers time to prepare for a last minute venue change. After all it’s about the  LOVE and the person you’re committing to that is the most important thing.

On a positive note- wet weather makes for some extremely impressive wedding photo opportunities. And don’t forget it’s GOOD LUCK if it rains on your wedding day.

Sweet Studio Photography


You want your Wedding Week to be enjoyable not only for your guests but also yourself. Now that you’re in Airlie Beach it’s time to relax!! All the planning is done and now it’s time to enjoy it. You can do as little or as much as you want during your wedding week.  Make the most of the destination and experience as much as you can while you are here.

What can you do?

There are so many things to do in Airlie Beach- Snorkeling, scuba Diving, scenic flights, island hopping, day tours, sailing, fine dining, day spa-ing, cocktail tasting,….. or you may prefer to laze around the pool and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Offtrail Boots Photography

Let someone else do it…

If you’re a super busy person and don’t have 150 hours up your sleeve to plan a wedding. Let someone else do it! We offer full planning, on -the day coordination and styling services.  We work closely with the all of the vendors and suppliers in the region and we take all the guess work out of the planning process.

We are your eyes and ears on the ground in Airlie Beach and we will ensure your day runs smoothly and effortlessly.  Every package we offer is tailored to suit your requirements, personal taste and budget. Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you further.


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Expo Time! 

Yesterday we attended the 32nd Annual Bridal Fair in Mackay, in a collaborative booth with Weddings Whitsundays Vendors.

I Do Events Whitsundays Expo Space

This was an opportunity to show case the Whitsundays as a Wedding and Honeymoon destination. What does this mean for Brides? Meeting with various suppliers from the Whitsundays at the one stand, sounds amazing right! It can be an over load of the sensors at Expos with so much to look at and take in, not to mention confusing. The Weddings Whitsunday stand attracted a large crowd of people wanting to find out more information about our beautiful beach town.

Our Event Planner Tori Represented I Do Events Whitsundays and was over whelmed by the positive feed back from our Mackay Brides.

“This was an opportunity to meet with couples, who are considering a Whitsunday Wedding. 

The Expo was a success I meet so many lovely people and I look forward to planning their special day. ”  

Event Planner Tori

Thank- you for having us Mackay we look forward to attending next years Fair!


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Congratulations! You’re engaged!… Now what?

Well first you need to hire a venue. Then a celebrant. And then a florist. And then a caterer. And then musicians and a hair stylist and transport and…


What you need to do, is hire a wedding planner. Someone who can lift all those insignificant stresses and worries of planning a wedding, from right in front of your eyes. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry, who knows what to and what not to do and most importantly someone who does all the back and forth communicating on your behalf. Sound like a dream come true, right?!

A good wedding planner will make it their job to ensure that the whole process, from the initial meeting up until the actual day, is effortless and lots of fun! They then take care of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks allowing you to sit back and enjoy the process.

“But how do I pick the PERFECT planner?”

It can be really difficult to gauge how your planner will perform for you, until you are actually working on your wedding. It can then make it just as hard to choose between one planner and another, however here are some tips that I think will help guide you to choosing the best planner for you.


It is so important that you feel a sense of friendship and warmth between yourself and your planner. This person will soon be in charge, of the biggest and the best day of your life. If you don’t get along well with your planner at the beginning, then maybe it isn’t such a good idea to give them the task of planning the happiest day of your life? You want to feel comfortable to speak your mind about all aspects of your wedding day because after all, it is YOUR day!


Research. Do you remember at school when your teacher would read your homework and instantly know that you had copied it all from Wikipedia? Yeah well, it’s still true. There is no point just doing a simple google search and going with the first one that comes up. Chances are there are several other just as good wedding planners in the same area. Start researching early, reach out to friends and family, get real feedback and see where, after all your research, you are driven to.


O.K. So, I’m not saying that you and your planner have to know exactly what the other is about to say BUT it does help to feel that your planner appreciates what you and your partner want to achieve for your big day. It is important that your planner recognizes which aspects of your wedding mean the most to you, respects your budget and helps you to achieve the best for that price but also understand both of your vision and is 100% on board with it!

Finding and choosing your wedding planner can be tough, but if you promise to stay open-minded, do you research, and listen to what your heart is telling you, you’ll find your perfect wedding planner who will make all your dreams come true!

So if after all this, you’ve made your decision, then it’s time to polish those shoes, light some candles, get down on one knee and say:


Wedding Fragrance 2
Bridal Boot Camp
Grand Entrance
Engagment shoot 4
Alternate Drop

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