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How to Create A Ceremony Playlist

How to Create A Ceremony Playlist

May 31, 2018 0

Ceremony Music 

Music is used every day to make people laugh, cry, smile, to create a scene, build suspense, to heighten an experience… the music you play on your wedding day is no different. Your soundtrack will set the tone for your day, enhance your guest’s emotions and ensure that everyone has a good time!
The right playlist will help make you feel amazing and help you remember all aspects of your day for years to come.
Follow this guide to help you create a playlist perfect for your wedding Ceremony!

The prelude is played right from the beginning of the day. Your guests will be arriving, finding their seats, greeting one another, there will likely be some chatter and general moving around too. This is a great opportunity to entertain your guests, set the tone for the day, and really show people what kind of a couple you are! The prelude can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on how many guests you have and when they arrive.

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This is the moment when the bridal party, flower girls, page boys and finally the Bride/Groom make their way down the aisle. The moment that all your guests have been waiting for. The big reveal! Your choice of song here entirely depends on your personal music taste as a couple – it’s simple. What makes you both happy? What song do you want to help you remember that first moment you shared on your wedding day? Some Brides/Grooms prefer a different processional song to their bridal party, this can give even more build up to the jaw dropping, seeing each other for the first time, moment.

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Signing of the Registry

Once the vows have been exchanged, then comes the signing of the registry. This can take between 5-10 minutes, so it is another great opportunity to play your guests some more songs whilst you’re busy. Like the prelude, this should be something that won’t distract too much from impending recessional.

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You are now officially married and how else better to celebrate than marching back up the aisle to one of your favourite upbeat tunes! This is an opportunity to kick it up a notch, pump up the excitement and bring some energy to the rest of your guests who are all eager to begin celebrating with you. Remember to pick a song that you both love and makes you feel great as this will in turn make everyone else feel great!

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