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10 Reasons to have an Easter Wedding

10 Reasons to have an Easter Wedding

March 29, 2018 0

If you haven’t considered having an Easter Wedding before, you will now..

1. Your colour theme can be as vibrant and fun as you like.

2. Easter weddings mean for outdoor celebrations – queue gorgeous gardens and beautiful fields.

3. Your day can consist entirely of eating chocolate.

4. Eggs make for egg-cellent wedding favours.

5. It’s a long weekend meaning 4 whole day to celebrate!

6. Pastels. Pastels. Pastels.

7. The most memorable Easter themed table décor.

8. Of course, any excuse to have an Easter themed wedding cake!

9. The most beautiful springtime bouquets.

10. Finally, you can rest assured knowing you will have the cutest wedding photos going.

All photos sourced from Pinterest


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