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Keep Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner

Keep Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner

February 1, 2018 0

Congratulations! You’re engaged!… Now what?

Well first you need to hire a venue. Then a celebrant. And then a florist. And then a caterer. And then musicians and a hair stylist and transport and…


What you need to do, is hire a wedding planner. Someone who can lift all those insignificant stresses and worries of planning a wedding, from right in front of your eyes. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry, who knows what to and what not to do and most importantly someone who does all the back and forth communicating on your behalf. Sound like a dream come true, right?!

A good wedding planner will make it their job to ensure that the whole process, from the initial meeting up until the actual day, is effortless and lots of fun! They then take care of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks allowing you to sit back and enjoy the process.

“But how do I pick the PERFECT planner?”

It can be really difficult to gauge how your planner will perform for you, until you are actually working on your wedding. It can then make it just as hard to choose between one planner and another, however here are some tips that I think will help guide you to choosing the best planner for you.


It is so important that you feel a sense of friendship and warmth between yourself and your planner. This person will soon be in charge, of the biggest and the best day of your life. If you don’t get along well with your planner at the beginning, then maybe it isn’t such a good idea to give them the task of planning the happiest day of your life? You want to feel comfortable to speak your mind about all aspects of your wedding day because after all, it is YOUR day!


Research. Do you remember at school when your teacher would read your homework and instantly know that you had copied it all from Wikipedia? Yeah well, it’s still true. There is no point just doing a simple google search and going with the first one that comes up. Chances are there are several other just as good wedding planners in the same area. Start researching early, reach out to friends and family, get real feedback and see where, after all your research, you are driven to.


O.K. So, I’m not saying that you and your planner have to know exactly what the other is about to say BUT it does help to feel that your planner appreciates what you and your partner want to achieve for your big day. It is important that your planner recognizes which aspects of your wedding mean the most to you, respects your budget and helps you to achieve the best for that price but also understand both of your vision and is 100% on board with it!

Finding and choosing your wedding planner can be tough, but if you promise to stay open-minded, do you research, and listen to what your heart is telling you, you’ll find your perfect wedding planner who will make all your dreams come true!

So if after all this, you’ve made your decision, then it’s time to polish those shoes, light some candles, get down on one knee and say:


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