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Wedding Word Glossary

Wedding Word Glossary

January 1, 2018 0

Weddings are amazing!

However they can be confusing, especially when you are in the planning stage of your wedding. “The wedding language” can seem little overwhelming¬† especially if you are not familiar with some of the terminology. There are so many different words, pronunciations, cultures and traditions that are associated with weddings every once in a while we hear a new one!

So here is a Wedding Word Glossary that you might find helpful while planning your wedding. We have focused on words that are typically industry based and not so common. We hope this guide helps your planning process or at the very least improves your Triva knowledge ūüôā x


Altar: A structure that the Bride and Groom stand under or in front of while they say their vows. This can also be known as an Arbor or Wedding Arch

Alternate Drop: When the hosts choose two different options for their meals which are placed alternatively on the table. Typically one white meat and red meat option is served  to guests

Bandstand: A raised platform where the band performs

Bonbonniere:¬†Are small gifts given by the couple to their guests for attending their special occasion.¬† Also known as “Favours” typically a small box containing candy or chocolate

Bridal Boot Camp: A high intensity  work out regime to assist with weight loss and toning before the wedding

Bustle:  The fastening of the Wedding dress to enable the Bride to move & dance more easily. This is usually done prior to the Reception with  hidden hooks and strings to lift the train off the ground

Cash Bar: A beverage service where the wedding guests pay for their own drinks

Cascade Bouquet: A floral bouquet in which the flowers cascade down ward from the bride

Charger Plate: A plate that is larger than a standard dinner plate, that is purely decorative which is left on the table between meals

Chill Out Area: An area of the wedding that is specifically designed for guests to chill out away from the main area

Day of Planner: A wedding planner enlisted to assist you during your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly

Destination Wedding:¬†A wedding that takes place away from the couple’s place of residency. Often a destination wedding is in dream holiday location

Down Payment Registry: When the couple request monetary contribution towards a down payment on a home 

Elopement: When a couple decide to get married without notifying friends or family

Engagement Session: A series of photos taken by the Wedding Photographer during the engagement. The images are often used for save the date cards, websites or at the wedding

Escort Cards: Cards that are displayed with the guest name and table they have been assigned to sit at for the reception

First Look: When the couple decide to see each other in their wedding attire prior to the ceremony

Fondant: A sweet icing that is rolled out and draped over a wedding cake for a smooth finish

Food Station: A style of food service that consists of multiple buffets set ups through out the Reception location

Grand Entrance: The moment when the couple are announced and enter the reception

Gown Preservation: The method of preserving a wedding dress after the wedding day, cleaning and boxing it to prevent damage

Groom’s Cake: A secondary cake to the traditional wedding cake- often reflective of the groom’s hobbies, interests¬† & chocolate

Head Table: Other wise known as the Bridal table where the couple sit at the centre of the table facing their guests

Luminaria:  Also known as a paper bag lantern, light from with in by a candle

Monogram: The initials of the couples first names can be used on invitations, cakes, dance floor etc

Nuptial Blessing: A Roman Catholic ceremony blessing by a priest at the end of the service

Officiant: The person who can legally perform the wedding ceremony

Processional: The song that is played while the Bride is walking down the aisle,¬† other wise known as the “Wedding March”

Prosecco: An Italian dry sparkling wine

Recessional: The music that plays as the bridal party are laving the ceremony

Stag & Hen Party: A combined bachelor & bachelorette party prior to the wedding

Swagging: A decorative element where fabric is draped from a curve between two points

Sweetheart Table: A separate table at the Reception specifically for the couple

Tablescape: Is another word for a decorated table in its entirety

Theme Wedding: A wedding designed around a specific theme that is not colour or pattern focused

Unity Candle: A large pillar candle that the couple light with two taper candles, symbolising their commitment to each other

Vendors: Other wise known as suppliers, separate businesses that offer services in the wedding industry

VIE’S: An acronym for “Very Important Extras”

Wedding Planner: A professional planner that over sees every aspect of the wedding, including vendors, decor, etc including on the day of the wedding  procedures

Wedding Fragrance: A special perfume that the bride wears for the wedding day

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